Clue: On Stage is done

When we had to cut our 40th Anniversary Season short in February 2020, like a lot of you we were faced with a lot of uncertainties and had a lot of questions. Questions such as “When would be able to come back?” “How would we be able to come back? Would it look extremely different than what we were used to or would it be the same?”

But one of the biggest questions we had was “Would our audience come back? Would they remember us and choose to spend their time with us again?”

Well, now that “CLUE”, our first live show in over two and a half years has come to a close, we’re happy to say we have the answers to all of those questions.

Behind the scenes, “CLUE” is a massive show to produce – for example, it has a huge set, big cast, lots of lighting and sound cue’s, and lots of props. After a few years of being out of practice so to speak, it was challenging to get everything together in a smooth and organized manner, but because of our amazing cast, crew, board of directors, volunteers, friends and family willing to bend beyond what was expected from them, we were able to mount the show you saw on stage. We’re proud of what we were able to accomplish, and the sense of community we gained from everyone working together was one of the greatest highlights.

But the answer to the question “would the audience come back” is the most heartwarming. To say you came back with a vengeance is an understatement. Because of your generous support, you made “CLUE” the most attended show in our history. Many performances were sold out, and we broke many of our own box office records.

There is nothing we love more than entertaining you, and you are the reason we do what we do. And we are so grateful that you came back in such a big way and allowed us to do that once again.

So, here is another big THANK YOU to the the cast, crew, volunteers, donators and businesses who helped us launch our season. And THANK YOU to the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton for being such an amazing, supportive partner and “house” to thrive in.

And a very, VERY big THANK YOU to you, our audience for making the first show of our new season such a massive success.

And we’re just getting started. We are so happy, grateful and proud to be #EntertainingMilton once again!

See you in February!