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Before the audition: When you find out what play you are auditioning for, it can be helpful for actors to read the play in advance. Pre-reading the play will show you who the characters are, their relationships with each other and the movement of the play as a whole.

During the audition: Milton Players Theatre Group tends to audition using group cold reads. A cold read is when the director selects scenes that actors will not have had the opportunity to specifically prepare for. While it may seem daunting to walk in "blind" there are aspects of a cold read that can benefit the actors. Adrenalin is a mighty force that allows the actors to feel brave and push through nervousness or stage fright. A cold read can also make a performer more present and aware which can make for a more memorable and compelling impression on the director. Chemistry may be a difficult thing to achieve in a cold read but is very important when discovering which actors "fit" with other actors. At times chemistry can be the deciding factor for getting roles or waiting for your next audition. Listening to your fellow actor helps with chemistry because you will respond appropriately to the emotions that are being relayed. The simple act of eye contact with your acting partner also can increase connection in a scene. In general, if you show a sense of gladness to being a part of the process, are respectful to your fellow performers and have fun during your audition, you will have a great experience overall.

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