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(...and why we have to do what we do)
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If you were to stop the average person on the street and ask them why someone would get involved in community theatre, whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes, the answer you will invariably get is “...because they crave the attention”.
While there may be an element of truth to this (seriously, who doesn’t love praise and applause) there is more to it... so much more. Every laugh, every tear, every gasp, every emotion elicited from an audience member is an affirmation that we made the right choice, that no matter what else is happening in our lives, we took a chance and it was a chance well taken.

So who are we?
We are everyone. We are all walks of life. Our stage experience spans former professionals to first time performers. We are entrepreneurs, wait-staff and sales people. We are doctors, lawyers, software engineers, nurses, managers and ex military. Our political beliefs go from the extreme right to the extreme left. Our income status’ range from very comfortable to barely able to pay our bills. Our religious affiliations cover every belief structure there is. We are Muslims and Jews and Christians and Atheists. We are parents... and not. We lose jobs, we have health issues, we suffer the general trauma that is incorporated in a daily life. We thrive and celebrate and love.

...and why do we do this?

Because we are driven to create something as a collective. Look at who we are and then go turn on a television or surf the internet for a little while. On paper, there is no way that we should be able to work together towards a common goal and yet that is what we do. Not only that, but we do it with relish and thrive in each other’s company. Personally, I try to avoid the news because all it does is tell me, on a daily basis, that what we are able to attain is unattainable.
The world can be a pretty intense place if you dwell on it, but you don’t need to worry about that here. The bond that the theatre brings transcends every other difference we may have and that bond is impossible to break. It creates an environment that accepts. Differences get checked at the door. We are all in it together. We thrive as a group and fail as a group. We take risks and we support each other in the risks taken, hoping that they are the right ones. We spend two and a half months together, three nights a week, creating something from nothing (for the judgement of others, to either enjoy or eviscerate) and then we look forward to the next time we get to start it all over again.

Ohhh...hey...We ain’t perfect. We argue and bicker and fight... but then, quickly, we laugh at our own stupidity and pettiness and hug it out or go grab a beer.

That’s why we do this and the rush we get from what we are able to achieve defies description.

Who are we?

We’re the Milton Players Theatre Group... and we welcome you to come and be a part of this.

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