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Year Show Author
2019-2020  Perfect Wedding Robin Hawdon
2019-2020  Dixie Swim Club Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten
2018-2019 Red Velvet Cake War Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten
2018-2019 Five Alarm Kristen Da Silva
2018-2019 The Game's Afoot Ken Ludwig
2017-2018 The Odd Couple Neil Simon
2017-2018 Noises Off Michael Frayn
2017-2018 Calendar Girls Tim Firth
2016-2017 Gibson & Sons Kristen Da Silva
2016-2017 The Reluctant Ressurection of Sherlock Holmes  
2016-2017 Melville Boys Norm Foster
2015-2016 Things My Mother Taught Me Katherine DiSavino
2015-2016 Rumors Neil Simon
2015-2016 Let's Murder Marsha Monk Ferris
2014-2015 Moon Over Buffalo Ken Ludwig
2014-2015 Looking Norm Foster
2014-2015 The Unexpected Guest Agatha Christie
2013-2014 Bedtime Stories Norm Foster
2013-2014 A Bad Year for Tomatoes John Patrick
2013-2014 My Darling Judith Norm Foster
2012-2013 A Nice Family Gathering Phil Olson
2012-2013 Mouse Trap Agatha Christie
2012-2013 Roses in November Neville Bryant
2011-2012 Self-Help Norm Foster
2011-2012 Murder on the Re-Run Fred Carmichael
2011-2012 Happily Ever Laughter Neville Bryant
2010-2011 A Party to Murder Marcia Kash & Doug Hughes
2010-2011 The Amorous Ambassador Michael Parker
2010-2011 Who's Under Where Marcia Kash & Doug Hughes
2009-2010 Drinking Alone Norm Foster
2009-2010 Sinners Norm Foster
2009-2010 When The Cat's Away Johnnie Mortimer & Brian Cooke
2008-2009 Key for Two John Chapman & Dave Freeman
2008-2009 Out of Order Ray Cooney
2008-2009 The Love List Norm Foster
2007-2008 The Nerd Larry Shue
2007-2008 The Perfect Wedding Robin Hauden
2007-2008 There Goes the Bride Ray Cooney & John Chapman
2006-2007 Deathtrap Ira Levin
2006-2007 Jupitor in July Norm Foster
2006-2007 Pack of Lies Hugh Whitemore
2005-2006 Caught in the Net Ray Cooney
2005-2006 Funny Money Ray Cooney
2005-2006 The Curious Savage John Patrick
2004-2005 Maggie's Getting Married Norm Foster
2004-2005 The Foursome Norm Foster
2004-2005 The Long Weekend Norm Foster
2003-2004 Crimes of the Heart Beth Henley
2003-2004 Murder at the Howard Johnsons Ron Clark
2003-2004 The Affections of May Norm Foster
2002-2003 Here on the Flight Path Norm Foster
2002-2003 The Mumberley Inheritance Warren Graves
2001-2002 An Act of the Imagination Bernard Slade
2001-2002 Norman, Is That You? Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick
2001-2002 Run For Your Wife Ray Cooney
2000-2001 Don't Dress for Dinner Marc Carmoletti
2000-2001 Just a Little Crazy Renee C Robman
2000-2001 The Odd Couple Neil Simon
1999-2000 Bell, Book and Candle John Van Druten
1999-2000 Jitters David French
1999-2000 Pools Paradise Philip King
1998-1999 Last of the Red Hot Lovers Neil Simon
1998-1999 Ten Little Indians Agatha Christie
1998-1999 Tribute Bernard Slade
1997-1998 On Golden Pond Ernest Thompson
1997-1998 Opening Night Norm Foster
1997-1998 House on the Cliff George Batson
1996-1997 Anybody for Murder Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner
1996-1997 Move Over Mrs. Markham John Chapman, Ray Cooney
1996-1997 Fantasy By Appointment Neville Bryant
1995-1996 The Mousetrap Agatha Christie
1995-1996 The Black Bonspiel of Wullie Macrimmon W O Mitchell
1995-1996 Love, Sex and the I.R.S. William Van Zante and Jane Milmore
1994-1995 Chapter Two Neil Simon
1994-1995 Foxfire Susan Cooper and Hume Cronyn
1994-1995 The Shadowalkers Brian Tremblay
1993-1994 Don't Misunderstand Me Patrick Cargill
1993-1994 Lunch Hour Jean Kerr
1993-1994 Sleuth Anthony Shaffer
1992-1993 Mark of Cain Peter Colley
1992-1993 Eat Your Heart Out Nick Hall
1992-1993 Last Real Summer Warren Graves
1991-1992 Children A.R. Gurney
1991-1992 Cheaters Michael Jacobs
1991-1992 Design for Murder George Batson
1990-1991 Dead Man's Hand Seymour Matthews
1990-1991 Suitehearts William Van Zante Jame Milmore
1990-1991 Steel Magnolias Robert Harling
1989-1990 Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Ed Graczyk
1989-1990 Not Now, Darling John Chapman and Ray Cooney
1989-1990 The Dining Room A.R. Gurney
1988-1989 Private Lives Noel Coward
1988-1989 The Murder Room Jack Sharkey
1988-1989 The Wizard of Oz Frank L. Baum
1987-1988 The Tomorrow Box Anne Chislett
1987-1988 Madame President Wallace Acton
1987-1988 Silent Fear  
1987-1988 Shock of Recognition Robert Anderson
1986-1987 Angel Street Patrick Hamilton
1986-1987 Confusions Alan Ayckbourn
1985-1986 Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii Allan Stratton
1985-1986 Dirty Work at the Crossroads Bill Johnson
1985-1986 6 Rms Riv Vu Bob Randall
1984-1985 Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon
1984-1985 The Babysitter Laurie Woodward
1984-1985 Our Town Thornton Wilder
1983-1984 Boeing Boeing Marc Camoletti
1983-1984 The Boor Anton Chekhov
1983-1984 Visitor from Forest Hills Neil Simon
1983-1984 I'll be Back Before Midnight Peter Colley
1982-1983 The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Warren Graves
1982-1983 The Prince Who Wouldn't Talk James Brock
1982-1983 The Footsteps of the Doves Robert Anderson
1982-1983 Busy Body Susanna Centlivre
1981-1982 Egad, The Woman in White Tim Kelly
1981-1982 Frosted Icing Stanley Clark
1981-1982 Rewrite Stanley Clark
1981-1982 Rats James Edward Luczak
1980-1981 The Four Poster Jan de Hartog
1980-1981 Toad of Toad Hall A. A. Milne
1980-1981 A Marriage of Proposal Anton Chekhov
1980-1981 Riders to the Sea ohn Millington Synge
1980-1981 Between Mouthfuls Alan Ayckbourn
1979-1980 Goodnight Mrs. Puffin Arthur Lovegrove
1979-1980 Cabaret Show Various
1979-1980 Plaza Suite Neil Simon

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